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Welcome to Artsy Doodle Craft Studio!  When we opened Artsy Doodle in the summer of 2013, we had a vision of a colorful and exciting place for children and adults to explore their creativity. We often refer to Artsy Doodle as an art playground.  It’s full of glitter, gems, glue, paint, fabrics, pottery, wood and more.

We have a wide selection of craft activities.  

Paint Your Own Pottery – We love the shiny, bright colors of kiln fired pottery!  We think you will too!  We have a variety of pottery projects to pick from such as banks, bowls, platters, lighted projects, animal statues, mugs and more.  With kiln fired pottery, you paint the project and leave it with us so we can “fire” it in the kiln.  Then you come back to pick up your project in 7-10 days.  Or you can request to paint your pottery projects with a speciality paint that doesn’t require kiln firing and take your project home the same day.  Pottery pricing starts at $18 and up  just depending on what size piece you pick.

Wood Crafts – Distressed wood signs are our favorite to make with Mamma Doodlers!  But we have some wood projects for kids too!  We have 4ft porch signs, 3 ft porch signs, round wooden door hangers, square signs and more.  With our wood signs, you want to request your design a few days in advance so we can sketch it out, create the design and cut a stencil for you.  It’s so simple to use the stencils to get excellent results.  Wood sign pricing is as follows: 12×12” sign $35, 7×24” sign $40, 3ft porch sign $55, 4ft porch sign $65, custom requests add $10 to any size  

Burlap Door Hangers – Our most popular and easiest adult craft is our burlap door hangers.  They come in custom designs for all seasons.  We stencil the design, you paint and stuff it and we have bows and hangers you add to make your project complete and ready to hang on your door.  Burlap Door Hangers pricing is $35.

Canvas Painting – Kids and adults love our “pre-etched” designs for canvas painting.  We have over 50 different designs to pick from.  No artsy talent needed!  We make it so easy that everyone can Artsy Doodle a fantastic project!  Kids canvas pricing is $15 & larger canvases are $25.


More about Artsy Doodle…

Artsy Doodle Craft Studio specializes in colorful parties with an artsy twist.  We host kids birthday parties, baby or bridal showers, ladies night out, any other special occasions.  We can even bring our Artsy Doodling to you!  And when we aren’t hosting a class, party or event we have Drop-in Doodle time and you can just drop-in at the studio and pick a craft to doodle.

Contact Us:

Artsy Doodle Craft Studio
420 3rd Street, Beaver, PA 15009
email: [email protected]

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